A Spectacular Snowy Walk Around Logie Windfarm

This is possibly one of the lesser known walks at Logie, but arguably the one with the most awesome and far-reaching views. On a day like this you can see from here down to Findhorn, across the Moray Firth to the Black Isle and the snowcapped hills beyond. Whatever your view of windfarms (and we know that these are many and varied), this route provides a relatively easy way to access some hills and views that haven’t previously been easy to reach without some decent local knowledge, fitness and some seriously sturdy footwear. It would be fantastic if more people knew about it. The track is graded and surfaced with compacted hardcore all the way around so very easy to walk or cycle on – we were two toddlers in pushchairs, two mums and two very happy dogs.

The practicalities: Where to start

The easiest way to enjoy this walk is to drive to the wind farm gates, park there and walk up the to the circular route and make the most of the views from the various angles around the top. If you’re coming from Forres, you follow the A940 towards Grantown. Pass the brown sign for Logie Steading and the turning on your left is just over a mile further on, signposted ‘Half Davoch’ and is just before Edinkillie Hall. Follow this road for about a mile and you’ll see the wind farm entrance on your right just before the road turns round a sharp left hand bend.

The route is suitable to use by foot, bicycle or on horseback, but not by motorised vehicles (except maintenance vehicles). You can also reach Logie Windfarm from the Dava Way – turn off the Dava Way at the Logie Windfarm signs, follow the graded track until you reach the tarmac road where you turn left for a few hundred yards and then you’ll see the wind farm entrance on your right.

Logie windfarm trail map and info board

You can’t get lost!

At least I don’t think you could – if I can’t get lost then there’s hope for everyone. Simply head past the boulders to the right of the entrance gates and on up the track. (Ellie has turned the pushchairs around to face me in the picture below but the sun’s behind them so you can’t see them anyway!)

the track up to Logie Windfarm

Further up the hill the walk becomes a circuit, and while there are spurs off this route, they are simply dead-ends running to the turbines. These side-spurs are interesting to explore in themselves and give many different views of the surrounding countryside from each one. We headed straight up the hill and took the route on an anticlockwise circuit. Our first major view out was across moorland and hills as far as the eye could see.

walking up to Logie Windfarm

Logie Primary School’s Plantation

At about the highest point on the route there’s a little building – the control centre. Just beyond this there is a small plantation of young trees. We went to have a look and see how they’re getting on. These young trees are all native species. They were planted at the official opening of the windfarm in 2017 by the children of Logie Primary School and Douglas Ross, Moray’s serving MP. 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My Favourite View from the Trail

Taking the route anticlockwise seems to make the best of my personal favourite view out to the Moray Firth as you see it all the way down the hill after you leave the Logie School trees. If you venture out along the spur about half way down on your right you can see even more of the view. This isn’t the best photo I’m afraid – even with light like this I was only using my phone and it just can’t manage the vast distance – but you may be able to spot Findhorn Bay, Culbin Forest on the left, the Moray Firth and the snow-capped hills far beyond.

looking at Findhorn from Logie Windfarm

Happy dogs

From here you just follow the path round a bit further until it rejoins the original track and head back to the start. I just couldn’t resist posting one more gratuitous photo of the dogs – they might not have been admiring the views but they probably had the most fun of all!

dog walk at Logie Windfarm

Some tips

There’s a clue in the name, but it’s high and this walk can be very windy – wrap up! If it’s a clear day, don’t forget binoculars as if your eyesight’s good enough you can really see across several counties (if it’s not, please come back another time as the views are what this walk is all about). It is a walk for all seasons – the day shown in these pictures was in January, cold, crisp, not too windy, and amazingly clear and bright – and the hard corse surface means that it is doable underfoot in most weather conditions. And if you’ve got a bit chilly on the walk, why not head back down the hill to Logie Steadingfor a hot cuppa at the cafe or a mooch around the shops to warm you up!