Timber and Tattie Boxes

Tattie Tales by Alec Laing of Logie Timber & The Boardroom

At Logie Timber, you’d be unsurprised to learn that we are obsessed with timber in all its forms and uses
In the modern age of high tech distribution and logistics we are all very used to computers, barcodes and bubble wrap but...timber is still king. Pallets are often forgotten when you are standing at the supermarket shelves but they at the core of every delivery. James Jones Ltd, one of the UK's largest pallet producers can create 10 million pallets a year and repair up to 25 million! A lot of supply chain issues seen during the early part of lockdown were not caused by shortage of the stock but by the shortage of pallets to move the stock.
But we are here to talk about tatties which, along with carrots, onions, turnips (and more) are lifted out of the ground and put straight into large timber boxes on the back of a trailer. These are known in this part of the world as Tattie Boxes. Simply put, they are a pallet with sides, standardised so they can be stacked and transported efficiently, they are a key part of the process.
Timber is the obvious choice for tattie boxes as it's durable, locally available, sustainable and easily repaired if the boxes are damaged. Long live the pallet and the tattie box!
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Credit: main image is of tattie boxes at Dipple Farm by Anne Burgess CC BY-SA 2.0