The Boardroom Chopping Board: the perfect gift, handcrafted by you

A wooden hand-crafted gift that you have made, for that special person will be something they will cherish for years to come.

We at the Board Room understand that whilst a lot of our customers might aspire to creating something out of the stunning examples of Elm, Beech and Oak boards that are on display, often they may not have the confidence to simply get stuck in and give it a go.

So, we have come up with a useful, beautiful product that is simple to do, will always give you a great result, and hopefully set you on the path to trying something again and taking onto bigger projects.

The Board Room chopping board finished

You can purchase all the components outlined in the how-to below here at The Board Room (through the Farm and Garden Shop, here at Logie Steading) or online here, including your own unique board of local hardwood timber. The kits make great gifts in themselves, or you can use it yourself to make the finished item and seriously impress your recipient. Why not have a go, and make something really beautiful, local and long-lasting..

The ‘Board Room Chopping Board’: How to Guide

Chopping Board Making Kit

Everything you need to make your chopping board is available at The Board Room and is shown in the image below.

The Board Room Chopping Board Kit

Stage 1

Select a piece of wood from the selection provided, these will be Elm/Beech or Oak. They have all been planed and therefore and will be ready to go.

All species of wood will work well as a chopping board so it will just be personal preference.

chopping board board selection

Stage 2

Using a Mirkar sanding block (available in the kit), with a Grit P120 gently rub both sides of the chopping board, ensuring that you don’t go across the grain but go with the grain. Once you have done both sides it’s important that you sand the edges of the chopping board ensuring that you remove any splinters of wood, you don’t need to be as detailed as you have been sanding the top and bottom of the board as the Oil will seal the end well.

This process may take some time, so be patient. The smoother you can get the surfaces the better the grain will show when it is time to apply the oils, and the result will look great!

sanding your chopping board

Stage 3

In a warm environment, it’s now time to apply the Treatex Oil, this Oil is food safe and ideal for this job.

Appy with a the fine Treatex brush provided the oil, with the grain in the same way you have done with the sanding and be sure not to apply to thick it’s best to apply plenty of thin layers, we would recommend two coats.

Leave for one hour drying time for each coat.

This is a lovely part of the process as all the hard work and detail that you have put into the sanding process will pay off as you see the grain of the wood emerge and give some awesome detail.

oil your chopping board with treatex