Tattie Vodka!

by Mike Crutch of the Logie Whisky & Spirits Shop

Although the Tattie Holidays are all about the children, this blog is just for the adults!  
The Logie Whisky & Spirits Shop is well known for its comprehensive ranges of whisky and gin, but customers can find a number of other tipples on on shelves.  One of those is a tattie vodka...and it's Scottish!
Nestled in the heart of the Angus countryside, Hatton of Ogilvy Farm has seen four generations of the Jarron family tend its land and now they have produced a first for Scotland.  Like many farms in the country, diversification has become increasingly important and it was the farm's potatoes (or 'tatties' to us north of the border) that became the foundation of some new business.  Farmer Graeme began his research into potato vodka some years ago, even engaging with the distilling experts at Edinburgh's famous Heriot-Watt University.
Breaking ground in 2014, the micro distillery was built with - at its heart - a still produced by John Dore & Company, the world's oldest still makers.  After harvesting, the tatties themselves are washed before mincing - this allows the starch within to interact better with the enzymes which are added after pressure cooking, which then create sugars which yeast will turn into alcohol at the next stage.  After fermenting up to five days, two distillations are made to achieve the desired purity before the vodka is then charcoal filtered - which can take up to a week!  The result is a smooth, mellow vodka with a great taste.
So there you go - tattie vodka!
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