Storytelling Week at Logie Steading

in celebration of National Storytelling Week

We were all sitting round a big table in the cafe at our January Steading Meeting, discussing plans for the year and munching Gill & Weller's delicious shortbread & brownies when someone mentioned National Storytelling Week. The idea of a whole week dedicated not only to books or learning, but storytelling in all its forms made us think of our own diverse stories and a lengthy - and animated - discussion and spontaneous storytelling session ensued. As we tried to drag the meeting back to the less inspiring topic of spreadsheets and budgets we decided to shelve those thoughts for that moment but the discussion inspired the people behind the businesses at Logie Steading to share their stories with you over the course of the Society for Storytelling's National Storytelling Week from 1st to 8th February 2020.

This is really an introduction to Storytelling Week: each day this week you'll find a new blog post here, featuring a different story from one of us - expect personal journeys, stories of interesting objects and some very different angles on storytelling. Enjoy!

Storytelling Sessions

To celebrate Storytelling Week Ruth and Tez have put together a day of storytelling here at Logie Steading for you to enjoy. There'll be readings from local works - for both adults and children - and it free to all to come and join in on Thursday 6th February. More information can be found here