Jude’s Double Life

by Jude Simms for Storytelling Week 2020

By Jude from The Hellygog Shop

Jude and her husband Steve run The Hellygog Shop at Logie Steading. Today's story is an insight into Jude's life. She's a creative, multitalented - and very busy - person, as you are about to find out!...


Jude's Double Life!

My name is Jude ……. And I lead a double life, well actually its more like a triple life!

Here at Logie steading you will recognise me as the face of Hellygog. I am a business owner and along with husband Steve I own and run the Hellygog shop. I am also an artist and make lots of textile and art pieces which you can find dotted around Hellygog along with the fantastic range of handmade local arts and crafts made by over 100 other crafters and artists. You may have spotted me in the workshop beavering away making a textile animal head or sat at the till sketching and drawing or you might even have joined me in role as teacher on one of my workshop learning a new craft skill.

But…….. some of you may recognise me from one of my other lives!

I am of course a Mum to Rosie ,Alfie, Joe, Tom and Will a full time job in itself!

I am a published children’s author, and I am currently in the middle of a research project with the biomedical science department at Dundee University which takes me to my other life!

I am a Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist and work at an amazing place called Move4ward, which is a unique facility at Moray college in Elgin where we offer rehabilitation services. A normal day there may involve working with professional footballers, to clients with spinal cord injuries, from painful hip, backs and shoulders to rehabilitation following stroke or MS and  pretty much anyone and  anything else that comes to the clinic. The age range is just as diverse from 3 year olds to 100 year olds! As part of my role there I am the clinical specialist for the North of Scotland for FES, which is a form of electrical stimulation which helps people walk, where my research project comes in.

Jude Hellygog at Move4Ward

So from serving you in the shop, to teaching new craft skills, sewing and drawing to making the dinner, solving sibling arguments to treating your painful back I do indeed feel like I lead a busy life and its safe to say there is never a dull moment. Whether I know you from Hellygog or swimming lessons, school pick up or Move4ward I hope this gives you a little insight into the story of my life and when you see me in the shop forgive me if I can’t always remember which life it is I know you from!