A Gin Story

by Silvi Duncan for Storytelling Week 2020

By Silvi from Logie Whisky & Spirits Shop

Silvi and her husband Bob run the acclaimed whisky & spirits shop at Logie Steading. Today's story is Silvi's account of their latest adventure, Duncan's Gin. Read on..


A Gin Story

How many times can a person retire?

Never too old to make dreams into reality. How many times can one person retire? Well according to the founders of Duncan’s Scottish Gin, there’s always one more adventure to be had. After retiring three times, Silvi convinced her husband Bob retirement was going to be long and boring and they should have a least one more adventure. Young at heart and full of entrepreneurial spirit, Silvi and Bob started the newest chapter of their story together – Duncan’s Scottish Gin. 
Bob and Silvi Duncan of Logie Whisky and Duncans Gin
gin still mini
Duncans gin and tonic
Duncans gin and tonic

Duncan's Gin

From their background in the spirits and drinks industry, running the well respected and successful Logie Whisky & Spirits Shop, the couple had a good idea of how they wanted their Gin to taste. They set to work with Master Distiller and friend Walter (Inshriach Distillery) over the course of a year perfecting their recipe until it was just right. It is made in Scotland  and contains only Scottish hand foraged botanicals including Highland Juniper. They sell Duncan’s Gin in their shop on Logie Steading and has made its way far away as Australia and America. What the next part of the Gin adventure will be ....... is in the pipeline! There is a huge range of Gin on their shelves and an ever growing selection of fine single malt Whiskies to browse and chat about with their knowledgable staff .... a wee taster may be available too.