Excellent Quality Products & Produce Sourced from the Best, As Locally As Possible

At Logie Farm and Garden Shop, we like to sell products that we believe in and actually like to use or eat ourselves. You may well see us wearing the gloves or using the tools in the garden. And were you to come into our kitchens on any given night of the week, you would most likely find us cooking up something with origins at the shop too. Just some of the products you’ll find at the Farm & Garden Shop are listed below, with some information about why we have chosen them.

Cairngorm Leaf & Bean Speciality Coffee

Roasted here on Logie Estate, Cairngorm Leaf & Bean is a small batch coffee roaster specialising in 100% premium Arabica coffee beans or ground coffee. At Logie Farm and Garden Shop we generally stock their Olive Tree Blend, Dava Blend, Sumatra and decaf coffees. The Olive Tree Blend can also be sampled, freshly brewed, in the cafe here at Logie Steading, for whom it was created.

Longhorn Speciality Beef

Raised extensively here on Logie Estate by Panny Laing. Her award-winning herd produces beef among the absolute best around for taste and quality. Like all Logie Estate meat, beef is produced on a small scale and when the most popular cuts are gone, they’re gone! If you’d like to order beef please contact the Farm and Garden Shop.

Logie Estate Roe Venison

Delicious wild venison from Logie Estate is available in season and when sustainability allows. Sold as haunch, xxx, xxx and our ever-popular vent-burgers.

Logie Estate Traditional Breed Pork

Raised on a very small scale here on Logie Estate by Panny Laing

Logie Estate Jacob Lamb

Like the pork, Panny’s Jacob lamb is raised on a very small scale each spring so when it’s gone, it’s really gone.

Cullisse Highland Rapeseed Oil

This award winning Oil comes recommended by Nigel Slater and Claire MacDonald and we think it’s delicious too. It is grown, pressed and bottled by Robert MacKenzie on his family farm in Easter Ross

The Isle of Ewe Smokery’s Fish

Is utterly delicious – a mild but tasty smoke allowing the succulent character of the fish to be appreciated. Smoked mackerel, hake, haddock and salmon