A new and exciting clothing & accessories store now open at Logie Steading.

Timeless is a new and exciting store now open just under the arch in the courtyard at Logie Steading.

Timeless is a great opportunity for local international fashion stylist Christine Ann De Agostini to bring special trends to Moray & the Scottish highlands. Timeless stocks a lot of brands from the uk and across the world bringing to you all some timeless pieces including a range of good quality handbags, shoes, clothes and cosmetics.

Christine has years of experience in the industry and would like to bring a flair of designs to you for you to enjoy a wonderful shopping experience at Logie Steading. The aim of the store is to open the eyes to the buyers of some of the top and interesting products Christine has come across in her time working in the fashion industry.
Christine from time to time will support young and up coming designers as well, she is an active supporter at Graduate Fashion Week and London Fashion Week where she supports new talent and up and coming designers. The feel of the store is to make you feel excited and relaxed and give the opportunity to treat yourself to a good shopping experience coming away with a product or garment that will make you look and feel good..

We can’t wait to share this experience with you all.. please register to receive the Logie Steading newsletter and keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates on what's going on, new stock and styling.

Timeless online style services

We would like to thank all our wonderful customers who made our opening season a success.

We are so grateful for your warm welcome and wonderful comments on how you’ve enjoyed the Timeless shopping experience

Due to the current Covid-19 guidelines we will be shut as of Christmas Eve until further notice, but the Great News is, we are now offering four levels of online style services to help and support you during lockdown:

  1. Online video wardrobe clear out. This is a wonderful service, already requested by some of my customers. It involves us looking at what you have currently in your wardrobe and helping you select the clothing that works for you and is timeless in style.
  2. Timeless online Video Style Consultation, this service is a good starting point for building a new look for 2021 based on you and your unique requirements.
  3. Timeless Online Personal Shop, purchase & post; my service offering a personal video shopping experience, in the Timeless store. This enables you and I to pick and purchase what you like from the store and have it posted out to or even delivered locally.
  4. Timeless Online Personal Style, confidence boost, this involves a health and well-being consultation including a food and nutrition plan, giving you that positive energy to see you through 2021.


These can booked via our FB page, text or email

timeless fashion at logie steading
timeless fashion at logie steading