Scotland has a long tradition of right to roam, now enshrined in legislation. The right to roam carries with it a responsibility – to use your common sense when out and about. For more information, visit the Outdoor Access Scotland Website, where you can view the Scottish Outdoor Access Code in full.

Please remember that the land or water you use for walking, riding, biking or canoeing is almost certainly shared with someone else whose livelihood depends on it, the farmer, forester, shepherd, gamekeeper or fishing ghillie.
Responsible dog owners keep their pets on leads or under close control – your dog, off its lead and just 50m away, might seem to be under control but to a month old lamb or a capercailzie chick it is just as threatening as an armed terrorist would be to you and me.

Fire is always a danger in the countryside and a neglected camp fire, discarded bottle or cigarette butt can cause untold damage.

Please take care and have consideration for all, and above all, come and enjoy the beautiful River Findhorn and its walks at Logie.