A Unique Roundwood Frame Building

At its core Logie Timber celebrates wood. It seemed fitting to construct our main building at the saw mill from wood.

Enter Henry Fosbrooke, an extraordinary woodsman who can make just about anything in wood. The log frame took 12 long months, through Autumn and darkest winter to build, using scribe-fit traditional techniques. Henry provided his expertise as well as much of the physical work in creating the round-wood log frame. He is extremely generous with his knowledge and worked with the Logie Timber team to educate us in this specialist method – to the point that we can now knock up a beautiful scarf joint with the best.

The round-wood frame is constructed from Scots Pine from Logie Estate. The external frame, skillfully and beautifully made by Dave Philp and Dave Robson (The Daves), is made from local Douglas Fir and Larch.

This spectacular building houses our sawmill and processing machines, and offers indoor drying space for wood before kilning. Above all, the building stands as a permanent reminder of our full-circle ethos and reminds us daily that it’s all about the wood.