South Lissens

Featured Artist at Logie Steading Art Gallery

David MacGregor has been creating pots most of his life, mastering the art of creating perfect pottery whilst always looking to do something a bit different.  A voyage of discovery which has seen him travel around the world before settling on the Banffshire coast, back to where he used to spend childhood holidays. 

 “I was useless at school and had no academic skills. But I come from a family of makers, my brother is a jeweller, my sister is a weaver, my father was an engineer and my great grandfather was a cornice maker, it must be a DNA thing.

“I guess it was the process driven aspect that drew me to pottery, it becomes an evolving thing. The more you know, the more you realise you don’t know. There are so many aspects to pottery that you are always learning something new. I just love making things.”

south lissens pottery at Logie Steading Gallery
south lissens pottery at Logie Steading Gallery