The Register: stories from a Scottish country school


The chance discovery of the Admission Register at Logie Primary School, listing every child who entered the school between 1881 and 1979, inspired the school’s administrator, Moira Dennis, to search for the stories behind some of the names. The tales that were told reflect the evolution of a rural community, charting changes in healthcare and education, in the role of women at home and in employment, in transport, travel and farming and in personal ambitions.  The Register is illustrated with portraits of the storytellers at their childhood homes, taken by Paul Heartfield, a professional photographer whose daughter attends Logie Primary today. The Register is a celebration of the school’s past and the people who formed the community around it.   



The Register: 1881-1979

Stories from a Scottish country school, reflecting a century of social change.

by Moira Dennis, photography by Paul Heartfield

All profits from sales of the book will go to support the work of the school today and their equity policy of ‘no child left behind’.