The Logie 100: 100 Recipes from the Logie School Community


The Logie 100: a snapshot of our community in food. 2020

100 Recipes from the Logie School Community. Dunphail, Scotland

Compiled by Logie Primary School Parent Council.

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A snapshot of our community in food, 2020.

The Logie 100 brings together 100 recipes from the Logie Primary School Community in Dunphail, Scotland. The book features recipes from past and present pupils, parents, grandparents, teachers and community members. There are family recipes passed down through generations, as well as more modern takes including those from our community’s own professional cooks, and even a recipe from the school’s own Cup of Joy Community Cafe. Along with the recipes are photographs and snippets about the people who’ve shared them. It’s a snapshot of a time and a place, as well as a useful book with recipes you’ll actually want to cook.

In this strange old year, The Logie 100 is a slice of community cheer. As Jon, Hunter, the current PC chair says, ‘I’m continually reminded of how a little school like ours can achieve so much.’ We hope you’ll support our small school of 33 pupils in what has become our main fundraiser of the year since all our usual events have been cancelled. And what is more, we really hope you enjoy it!

The recipes were compiled by Logie Primary School Parent Council, with thanks to the community. Kindly published by Moravian Digital Press.