Opening Days

Logie Steading is open every day of the week until 22nd December 2021. We re-open for 2022 on 7th January and are open Friday, Saturday and Sundays only during January and up until February 18th when we re-open seven days a week.

October 2021 Opening Times - every day of the week

The Olive Tree Cafe is open 10 am to 4 pm 

The Farm & Garden Shop is open 10am to 5pm

The Art Gallery is open 10am to 5pm

Logie Bookshop is open 10am to 5pm

Timeless is open 10am to 5pm

Hellygog is open 10am to 4pm

Logie Whisky is open 11am to 4pm

Normal Opening Times

Opening times are 10 am to 5 pm March to October.

Opening times are 10 am to 4 pm November to February.


Logie House Garden is open every day throughout the year 10am to 5pm, even when the steading businesses are closed. The signed river walks are of course also always open.

Giles Pearson Antique Restoration is open by appointment or if he's working in his workshop when his sign board will be out. If you're coming down to Logie specifically to see Giles, please ring ahead to check he's in. Thank you.

Iolaire Print & Design is open 10.00 am until 5pm usually with two days off per week. These may change through the year and there may be odd additional days when Iolaire needs to be closed so if you are coming down to Logie Steading specifically to see Tez at Iolaire, please ring ahead to make sure. Thank you.

Logie Steading is a community of small, independent businesses run by their owners and people need occasional days off. If you are coming to Logie to see a specific business, please check with them first to make sure that they will be open when you come, especially during the winter months.

If the weather looks dodgy, please check our Facebook page to check if we are open. Thank you.

If you would like to contact us, our numbers are below:

Logie Farm and Garden Shop 01309 611222

Hellygog 01309 611799

Logie Whisky & Spirits Shop 01309 611348 or 07738955255

Iolaire (design | edit | print) 01309 611724

Logie Steading Book Shop 01309 611373

Logie Timber / The Boardroom 01309 611769

Logie Steading Art Gallery 01309 611378

Timeless 01309 747001 or 07827 490702, Email:

Giles Pearson Antique Restoration 07842 599367

The Olive Tree Café  01309 611733

We all look forward to seeing you again soon. 

Thank you all for your support of our small, local businesses and best wishes from all at Logie Steading.