Market Makers at Hellygog

Featured Makers at Hellygog

In this strange old year where nothing is as expected and many of the usual events that mark the seasons are cancelled, we've all had to innovate. Aware that this year our usual Christmas Market is on hold, Jude and Steve at Hellygog have invited just a few select makers to feature at The Hellygog Shop in the run-up to Christmas. You may well recognise them if you're a market regular and we're delighted to be able to show off a taste of these wonderful makers. A little something extra to add to the huge range of unusual and original Christmas presents that you'll find in The Hellygog Shop.


Beautiful colourful fleece clothing, that washes and wears and hands on down the ages. Nieces and nephews are currently the fourth to wear some of these fleeces and they're still washing as good as new. Jumpers, hoodies and hats in a range of designs to keep small - and larger - bodies cosy.

Christmas Hampers from Logie Steading Farm & Garden Shop

Old Barn Leather

Old Barn Leather is another regular at Logie Steading Christmas Markets. Diane's fine hand carved leather gifts and journal covers all begin with selecting the best leather, drawing a design and transferring it to the leather before it is hand carved, dyed, hand stitched and finally polished. 

Christmas Hampers from Logie Steading Farm & Garden Shop

Wool Engineering

Two designers who hand make all their own wool and cotton wares. From pots to Christmas Wreaths, there's a range of beautiful things in wool.

wool engineering in Hellygog

Loch Ness Leather

Bags and belts to Christmas decorations, all hand crafted from good, strong, Vegetable Tanned leather. Built to last, these products will be with you for years to come, and just get better with age!

Christmas Hampers from Logie Steading Farm & Garden Shop