July: Alanda Calmus in the Square Room

Alanda Calmus Exhibition

Alanda Calmus

Exhibition in the Square Room

in the Logie Steading Art Gallery

Exhibition runs from July 3 - 27SaveSave



Alanda Calmus, b.1974, is a contemporary realist painter. Mostly self taught, there is almost no subject that she hasn’t tackled at some point in her career from wildlife and portraits to landscapes and seascapes.  

Trained initially as a graphic designer and illustrator, she took up commissioned portrait painting in 2002. Now, working from a purpose built studio at her home in Fochabers, she continues to develop her own distinctive style characterised by realist subjects, painted predominantly in oil or pastel, which are often superimposed upon abstract acrylic or watercolour backgrounds.

She has a passion for painting Wildlife, in particular that which is native to Scotland, and her paintings express her attention to detail whilst also allowing a certain creative freedom that brings a unique twist to each piece of artwork.

Alanda’s artwork has been displayed in numerous solo and group shows and has been acquired and commissioned by collectors across the UK and in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Exhibition runs from July 3 - 27