Jack Spowart

Featured Artist at Logie Steading Art Gallery

A childhood in the Scottish Highlands was the foundation of Jack's interest in the natural world. Majestic landscapes were right on his doorstep. A view across the Moray Firth to Ben Wyvis greeted him every morning. Up the hill lay Culloden battlefield, the location of the last battle on British soil.  Jack's parents took him and his brother to all corners of the north, for picturesque drives, day trips to remote beaches and camping on the rugged west coast. These early memories definitely built the inspiration for many of his illustrations.

Working primarily in black pen, he captures the detail and drama of the epic landscapes that he has visited throughout his life.


drawing by Jack Spowart

“I consider being outside a natural and significant part of my life. I take inspiration from the changes and movement in the raw environment that surrounds us, outside of our homes. Through the generation of ideas and creation of physical work, I hope to give people a chance to connect with the landscapes around us. Established within my output is a respect for nature. I hope to inspire others to advocate that respect and build a deeper understanding of wild places.”