Hattie’s Extinction Rebellion

Tattie Tales: an original poem by Ruth Boardman of Logie Bookshop

Hattie’s Extinction Rebellion


My name’s Hattie, I’m a tattie,

I’m a carbo, out and proud.

I can stand alone if need be

But I’m better with a crowd.


I have lots of tattie pals

But we’re getting a bad press

From the body-conscious people

Who advise you to eat less.


So we’re here to state our case

In our time of royal need;

To tempt you and convince you

Lest we’re all consigned to seed.


We’re the roasties to your roast.

With your bangers, we’re the mash.

You can boil us with your mince

Or combine us with your hash.


With a salad or grilled salmon,

We’re delicious when we’re new.

Baked and filled we’re Winter comfort.

We’re stupendous in a stew.


When your fish is beer-battered

Or your burger’s in a bun,

Without a poke of salty chips

The meal is much less fun.


If you wish, we can go posh;

Dauphinois or hasselback,

Patatas bravas or a rosti,

Fondant (if you have the knack).


Limoges-style potato pie,

Spicy wedges, sag aloo,

Light pommes anna, robust gratin,

Boulangère and rich fondue.


Celebrate the humble tattie.

Mash or boil or roast or bake.

And when you have leftovers,

Turn them into tattie cake.


Need some calorific comfort?

Were you stood up by your date?

When in life the worst ‘Chit’ happens,

We will always have your plate.

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