A Guide to Festive Cheer in Present-Buying Season

Inspired by Logie Steading Christmas Market

Christmas Market: A Dose of Good Old-Fashioned Festive Cheer

Festive Cheer: A Christmassy Logie Steading

A 5 Point Guide to Surviving Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

So here's my guide, admittedly a little tongue-in-cheek, from one generally disorganised, well meaning advice-disher-not-taker, to you. Well, probably not to you if you had 'just one more' present to find in mid-November, but possibly to you if you're cooking Christmas dinner for 12 and have forgotten to organise getting a Turkey on Christmas Eve (a possibly unverified story from someone's family archives)..

1. Don't Panic!

Sometimes I have to remind myself, this is Meant to Be Fun. Sleepless nights worrying about whether Aunty-X-who-shall-not-be-named will want the hand-knitted gloves or the local history guide or whether the Big Man will satisfy the kids' list-wishes are just no good. It really is the thought that counts and if you can have a little fun along the way, that's all to the good.

Logie Steading Christmas Market - stress free Christmas Shopping

Pottering around a Christmas Market filled with hand-made wares, listening to a brass band, mug of mulled wine in hand is infinitely more relaxing than fighting your way through the number system at Argos or running to put another coin in the parking meter.

Gus clapping along to Elgin City Brass Band


2. Stick to Your List

Yes, you have a list. You're checking it twice. Or thrice. But if you're anything like me, you're also going a bit off-menu here and there in a mild state of panic (see point 1) about Getting It All Done. But ending up with 5 extra boxes of Heroes is no good for any family come January. Even one containing as many dedicated chocolate-eaters as ours. 

Christmas Wreath at Logie Steading Christmas Market

3. Ask For Help

Having just said, quite strictly, 'stick to your list', I'd like to turn that a little on its head and say, 'don't be afraid to ask for help'. It's really a combination of the two. Example: This morning I had a teenage goddaughter in need of a gift (on list), and a vague idea of a suitable present (not quite on list). In comes advice from Jude of Hellygog and out I walk, stress-free minutes later, with a lovely box of lights in muted tones which should go with her room, and both a USB and 3 point plug fitting to cover all bases. Jude has 5 kids of varying ages. I felt in safe hands. And, tick, phew, another one off the list. Thank You Jude. The lights in the window below are the same ones I chose, just in more vibrant (and Christmassy) colours).

4. It Doesn't Really Matter: What Will Be Will Be

It. Really. Doesn't. Christmas will be what it will be whether or not you got that handmade reindeer-shaped centre-piece for the table. Your family will still argue, or not. They will still eat Brussels sprouts, or not. They will hopefully be mostly all together. Who cares if yet again you couldn't get a picture with all the children looking in the same direction, let alone smiling together. Or if they ingrained toasted marshmallows (*insert relevant sticky foodstuff here) into your carpet. And if you missed the odd present, or trinket or decoration or food item (possibly excepting the Turkey, or nut roast or whatever it is you have on the table in your house), no-one will actually notice amongst the general Christmas-ness of it all. I hope when it comes to Christmas Day you find time to enjoy the little things and forget the even littler things. 

Children Enjoying Toasted Marshmallows with Logie Primary School at Logie Steading Christmas Market

5. There's a Type of Christmas Shopping to Suit You Out There

I imagine like most people, I do my Christmas shopping in a variety of places; chain stores, the high street, online and independent shops. There's a place for them all. 

If you're looking for something a bit unusual, a bit different, and a shopping experience that doesn't leave you more stressed than when you started, there's always the lovely people at Logie Steading to help you out. I know I'm biased, but having bought 5 people's presents with individual budgets ranging from £3 to £50 in 3 shops in 30 minutes, and having found unusual things that I really believe they'll actually like this morning, I don't feel at all disingenuous in telling you it's the most peaceful and successful Christmas shopping experience I've had this year. Why not come on down and meet these unique shopkeepers and craftspeople for yourself. You never know, you might make some satisfying crossings-out and tickings-off on your list too..

Thank you to Gary Murison, Geoff Matthews, Alec Laing and Steve Simms for the photographs in this post.



Christmas Market with lovely lights from Hellygog