Golspie Mill

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Golspie Mill, Sutherland. Stoneground Flours and Meals, made with care in the Scottish Highlands.
Driven by water from the Big Burn and using only the finest natural ingredients, Golspie Mill has been making a high quality range of flours and meals since being fully restored in 1992.
Many of our delicious and wholesome products are organic; all of them are entirely free from additives and made with pure, milled whole grains and pulses. We grind and pack to order, ensuring a fresh and healthy product.



One of most popular products, this delicious wholemeal bread flour makes a lovely nutty loaf, with excellent flavour and texture. Ideal for making bread by hand or in a bread-maker.


Used a great deal in German and Scandinavian baking this flour is also ideal for those on a low wheat or low-gluten diet, and makes an excellent sourdough rye bread.

golspie rye flour