21 Jan: FDT Open Office Hour

Ask questions, offer suggestions, get involved

Open Office Hour with the Finderne Development Trust

Duration: 11:00 – 12:00, each Tuesday

Open to all


Finderne Development Trust (FDT) will be opening the doors to their timber-clad office (which you’ll find at the back of the Steading) every Tuesday from 11:00 – 12:00 to all members of the community and any interested parties to share more about their plans, answer any questions and listen to suggestions.

Whether you are a Trust Member, live in Finderne or are from further afield and are interested in FDT’s rural regeneration strategy, it is a great chance to get involved.

FDT was formed in 2018 to act as the anchor organisation and key driver of the sustainable rural regeneration of the area of Finderne (you can see Finderne’s boundary on a large map in the office!). Its vision for Finderne is that “Finderne is home to a welcoming community where people of all ages want to live, work and visit because of its outstanding environment and the quality of life it offers.” 

This vision is supported by its 5-year strategic plan which sets out priority projects to advance the social, economic, environmental and cultural development of Finderne. After much work, six priority projects will be the focus of the work of the Trust in its initials years:

  • Community Broadband
  • Rural-based Apprenticeships
  • Energy Efficient Living – including a wide range of economic and environmental projects
  • A Community Hub
  • Community Home Care and Well-being
  • Recreational Routes – with a focus on working in partnership with the Dava Way Association to develop the Dava Way as one of the key routes for the area

To facilitate the operation of the Trust over the next 25 years, the developers of Logie Wind Farm – Hill of Glaschyle Renewables LLP – have undertaken to provide core funding from its community benefit fund.

To find out more, stop by and say hello to Development Manager Pery! She’ll get the kettle on...