Handmade Furniture, Sculpture and Green woodworking courses

Aaron creates contemporary pieces of furniture and sculpture in wood that are inspiried by the natural characteristics of the material itself.

The making process begins with a fallen tree, often from right here on Logie Estate. Aaron’s understanding of wood is totally focused on shaping and crafting wood in a natural way: splitting the wood along the cells of the grain, keeping the strength of the timber intact and creating beautiful natural shapes. Aaron’s skill is then to take the split wood and form it into a piece of furniture or sculpture that will be a one-off creation. This is done by the axe; shave horse, drawknife and spoke shave tools. Aaron's combination of creativity, a deep understanding of wood and his craftsmanship skills enable him to create truly beautiful functional and decorative items.

Aaron's workshop is based on Logie Estate and you will find pieces of his work for sale at the Art Gallery. If you would like to contact Aaron to view more of his work, discuss a commission or book onto a course, please ring 07879 856630 or email.