Logie Timber is a full-circle timber business based on Logie Estate

We have an emphasis on local wood, particularly hardwoods but we also work with softwoods. We love native species.

We are unique in that we can manage the full circle of the life and use of a tree, from seed to seed.

What We Do

  • Fell & Extract Trees

- we specialise in accessing harder-to-reach timber and have a skilled team to climb, fell and extract any tree

  • Mill Timber

We saw our own timber, or we can saw yours to specification for you.

  • Finish Timber

- we can kiln dry, plane, sand and cut timber to size, to your specification

  • Advise on Wood Uses & Connect You with the Makers

We can help with advice on which type of wood might suit for your projects. We currently stock dried local Elm, Oak, Ash, Larch, Douglas Fir & more. We also sell finished products and can recommend courses to learn to make your own.

  • Undertake Planting

We need to plant more hardwoods with end use in mind and are doing so on Logie Estate.

  • Full Service, if you like

You can use our services at any point in the cycle mentioned above. If you so choose, our fully qualified team can cut your tree, bring it back to our yard, process it and deliver the material back to you for your own projects. Furthermore, we can connect you with a maker to build it for you or suggest a course for you to learn to build your own.

How to Get in Touch

Please contact us on 01309 611769 if you'd like to discuss a project or a quote.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram to see what we've been up to recently.

Our Aim

Logie Timber’s aim is to create a legacy far greater than cladding and coffee tables. Wood can tell a story, be a conversation starter, become part of a family home; a living piece of history. The alternative? Ash and smoke.

We want to put sustainable Scottish woodland resources back to work. For too long now we’ve looked elsewhere for high quality timber while our own woodlands have been passed over or relegated to the fire pile.

We know that it’s far smarter to use what you have at hand, especially if it’s this good. Harnessing our own high quality, local timber and managing its source wisely, so that others have the chance to use it too, seems straightforward enough. That way, everyone benefits.

The Boardroom at Logie Steading

During the inaugural Logie Timber Festival on 4th & 5th May 2019, we opened our new showroom, The Boardroom at Logie Steading - our shopfront. This is a room in the old Motor House filled with timber suitable for furniture, mantle pieces, cladding, fencing, table tops, mantel pieces, turning blanks and offcuts. It's worth a visit for the smell alone! You'll find it through the Farm & Garden Shop.

If you'd like to find out more about the inaugural Logie Timber Festival, you can do so here.