After considerable research and advice from other helpful Scottish sawmillers, in 2017 we purchased our Trakmet TPS1200 mill. It has a maximum cut width of 1.2m making it perfect for large hardwood logs.

In 2018 we applied to Moray LEADER for funding to contribute to further kit to extend our capabilities. Our application was successful and in early 2019 we took delivery of a Logosol Frame Saw increasing our capacity for small section cladding material, a Logosol Planer/Moulder and SCM wide belt Sander for finishing products and an array of solar panels for electricity generation.

It's not all about the kit though, you need someone to drive the machines! We are so lucky to have been united with Ross Howie, a Canadian metal worker (not really who we were looking for!) who has a brain for all things mechanical and keeps the show on the road at the mill.

We have plenty of outdoor space at the timber yard, where there are stacks of various timbers drying. Depending on the type of wood and end use we also dry in our timber shed, and in our kiln, enabling us to provide a wide range of local woods in premium condition.