Pool Guide for Salmon Fishing on the River Findhorn at Logie

by Ewen Manson

Relugas – Top Beat

Scum Pool.

Good spring and summer pool. Fishes best low to medium height of water.

Brahn Pool.

Difficult pool to fish. Fishes best in low water. Speycasting an advantage.

White Stream.

Good grilse holding water when river is low.

Slate Pool.

Fishes best in low to medium water. Very good visual fishing when on high bank. Very exciting.

Fish Pool.

Wonderful pool to fish in medium height of water. Can hold a lot of fish at times.

Bridge Pool.

Great pool in all heights of water. Very good in early spring and can produce some big fish.

Relugas Middle Beat


Fishes well in early season, April-May when fish are just arriving from the sea. Low to Medium height of water is best.

Muckle Stronach.

This pool is very underfished because access is not so easy but can be very good in summer for grilse in low to medium water.

Little Stronach.

Another good pool in summer when grilse are running. Good in low water. Very streamy.


The Dullan is probably the best pool on the Middle Beat. It fishes well all season and holds fish in low to medium water.


The best high water pool on the whole stretch. Fishes very well when the water is between 3 feet and 6 feet on the guage.

Pool of Peck.

Quite difficult to fish as you are on a high bank but holds a lot of fish in low water. Cast square and let fly. Speed up with current. Takes are very aggressive.

Randolph’s Leap.

The leap is great to fish as it is very visual and you can see the fish take the fly. Very hard to fish on your own.

Artist’s Pool.

Very difficult to fish. High rock ledge and almost impossible to land fish on your own. Very exciting.

Junction Pool.

Junction is the last pool on the middle beat but one of the best in medium to high water. Long stretch of fishing about 150m. You see quite a lot of fish moving here.

Logie Beat

Lookout Pool.

Not a very productive pool but fine in very high water at the tail of the pool.

Broom Pool.

Very good in medium to high water. Bottom two thirds fishes best, great in the early spring. Some big fish caught here.

Sandy’s Kist.

Fishes best in low to medium height water. Fish tend to show quite a bit at the neck of the pool when water is low and tail when water is at medium to high.

Garden Pool.

This pool is the nearest to the fishing hut, good in medium to high water when fish are running. Easy pool to fish for beginners.

Mill Pool.

This pool fishes best in low water.

Red Rock.

Very good pool in low to medium height, really nice stretch of fly water. Track down to the pool is quite steep.

Ewen’s Pool.

This can be very good in high water. Very difficult to land fish, but great fun to be had.


Great pool in medium height of water. Fish come into the tail of pool and rest. Bottom half of pool is best. Good in spring and summer.

Cave Pool.

Great pool in early spring when water is low. Holds a lot of fish as they come out of the gorge. Tail end can be very good in summer.

Poacher’s Pot.

Last pool on the beat. Difficult to get to but can be good in low water in summer.