Salmon Fishing on Logie & Relugas Beats: What to bring in your tackle bag, as recommended by Ewen Manson.

Rod & Reel

Fly rod, 12-15 feet, optimum size 13 feet

Single handed rod 9-11 feet for low water summer fishing

Fly reel to match rod.

Fly Lines

Any standard floating line with AFTM.

Rating to match fly rod.

Spey lines are very popular as they improve casting.

Multi-tip Spey lines are very good for spring fishing in different weather conditions as you can fish different depths of water.


Polyleaders. A selection of these from slow sink 5 feet to superfast sink 10 feet.

Leader material.

12-18lb for spring fishing

6-10lb for sumer fishing

Maxima Chameleon recommended by Ewen.


A selection of salmon flies, sizes 6-12, singles and doubles.

Types: Cascade, Willie Gunn, Junction Shrimp, Tosh, Ally’s Shrimp, Findhorn Killer, Logie, Flamethrower, Stoat’s Tail, Blue Charm, Hairy Mary.

Plus a selection of tube flies ½ inch to 2 inch various patterns as mentioned above.

Collie Dogs and Hitched Flies can work well when conditions dictate.


Footwear: Wading is not often required so good walking boots or wellies are the norm.

Knotless net: When returning fish use knotless net, try not to take the fish out of the water as they can easily be damaged. Slip hook out and gently hold fish in current to recover and release. Do Not lift fish by tail as this can damage backbone.


If further advice required telephone Ewen on 07730 956516