7-8 Sept: Drystone Dyking with Ewen Manson

An introduction to dry stone walling

Anyone who has seen the drystane walls in the garden at Logie will know what a craftsman Ewen is. He is now planning another 2 day course at Logie to introduce students to the art of building these wonderful walls. Dykes are important stock barriers or field boundaries which have the advantage of permanence and providing shelter for stock. In addition they provide an important wildlife habitat:

– dykes are often colonised by mosses and lichens, particularly in damp situations. In time, conditions may develop to suit ferns and flowering plants;
– small holes in dykes provide dry, sheltered nest sites for birds such as wheatear, wagtails and wrens (especially the Shetland wren and Fair Isle wren, for – which there are few alternative nest sites);
– in an open landscape dykes also provide song-posts for stonechat and whinchat;
– lizards bask on dykes which provide shelter and cover;
– small mammals inhabit dykes and, for weasels in search of eggs and nestlings, dykes provide important hunting sites.

Course Details:

2 days – £120, meet at Logie Steading. Lunch included