Logie is a fantastic place for dog walking, with miles of river banks and woodlands to explore.  The start of one of our river walks is across the drive from the Steading, beside the play area, so you can set off from here or use the Steading as a stop-off for lunch, a cuppa, or a bit of retail therapy.  Dogs on leads are also welcome in Logie House Gardens. Please also keep dogs on leads when walking around the steading car parks, courtyard and surrounding higher traffic areas.

One of the delights of the walks around Logie is the abundance of animal and birdlife to be seen. Dogs are very much welcomed into this environment but we do ask dog owners to be responsible and keep their pets on leads or under close control because a dog, off its lead and just 50m away, might seem to be under control but to a young animal or chick it is unpredictable and very threatening.  Also, not all the visitors to Logie Steading are entirely comfortable with dogs they do not know.

A dog water bowl is available outside the cafe. If it needs to be refilled, please just ask. A dog poo bin can be found at the start of the River Walks.

Dogs are not permitted inside the cafe.  Due to space issues and especially the number of items often on display at low level, it is generally not suitable to take dogs inside the shops and businesses around the steading. Assistance dogs are of course welcome.