December: Vivien Maule in the Square Room

Vivien Maule Exhibition

New artwork by

Vivien Maule

in the Art Gallery's

Square Room

December 4th - Christmas



Vivien has always been a compulsively creative person which, before she retired, expressed itself through home life - raising children, creating and developing a number of gardens, house renovations - in addition to her professional life.  Her children have made their own lives and Vivien's creative endeavours have become more and more focussed in her studio in Findhorn.  A 2-year textile course at Moray College, completed in 2018, grounded her in textile work although she has always sewn, even as a child, earning pocket money turning shirt collars and cuffs, and side-to-middling sheets..... all sounding familiar to those of us of a certain age!

'I am most interested in 'the creative process' itself, so the subject matter of my work has varied as I evolve as an artist, something that should never stop. The pieces presented in this exhibition are mixed media on fabric, with the prime subject matter being 'drawn' in fabric collage, paint  and machine embroidery stitch. I have loved making these. They express my love of flowers, of their vibrancy, uniqueness of form, and their extraordinary harmony of colour. The use of 'thread' makes them 'pop' from the mixed media background. In a way, these works express a gratitude for all the pleasure and beauty that my flower gardens have given me over the years. I have had them beautifully framed behind Art Glass, which has high UV protection.  My work continues to develop in new ways and these works are only one 'thread'.'  


vivien maule, artist in Logie Steading Art Gallery
vivien maule, artist in Logie Steading Art Gallery