Crafty Things to do with Potatoes

Tattie Tales: by Queen of Craft, Jude of Hellygog


Potato crafts are perfect for the tattle holidays or any rainy afternoon.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Mr Potato Head

This is good fun for older children ( and adults) or done with the supervision of a Adult or older sibling!

Let each child pick a potato, ideally one that looks sort of like a human head. There can use their imagination to decorate the potato like a head.

You could add googly eyes and thumb tacks in different colours, use empty yogurt containers for hats, add sparkles, make eyes from beads or pins and maybe use bits of felt fabric or wool to make cool hair.

Maybe you could make Mr. and Ms. Potato Head or even a whole family just modelled on your own family!


Potato Art Sculptures

Your kids can create potato art by creating potato sculptures. Use a wooden skewer to add three potatoes of progressively smaller sizes, and then use paint, bits of wood, sequins or anything else you can think of to add detail.

If you don’t mind mess you could mash potatoes and then add enough flour to create a substance that feels like clay. Have fun modelling the clay into different types of potato art sculptures.



And of Course, the classic as Tez has mentioned in a previous tattie tale,

Potato Stamps 

One of the greatest potato craft ideas is easy and great fun.

You can make your own potato stamp by cutting the tattie in half, find a metal cookie cutter and press it into the potato flesh. When the cutter is deep in a potato half, take out all of the potato around the outside of the cutter so you can press out the shape. Dry it on a paper towel. You could carefully use a sharp knife if you haven’t got a cutter, easy shapes are hearts triangle squares etc

Now comes the fun-for-kids part.

Have your kids dip or blot the potato shape into paint, then press the design onto a T-shirt, plain fabric or piece of paper. These are great to make cards, wrapping paper or even gifts for the grandparents.potato printing wrapping paper

If you are feeling really creative you could make a hole through the tattie and push a straw or skewer through it then carve the Tattie to make wheel prints.

tattie wheel printing

Plenty to keep you busy - Enjoy the tattle holidays!!

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