Cottongrass Summer

by Panny of the Art Gallery, and Farm & Garden Shop, in celebration of National Book Week

Where do you start when asked to write about a book?  I reckoned a good place would be with the book I am reading at the moment.  I don't make enough time to read as much as I would like but I do always read before going to sleep; probably only a few pages but better than nothing.  My current book is the newly published Cottongrass Summer by Roy Dennis: 52 short essays on wildlife and the natural world grouped into the four seasons.  Having recently had his 80th birthday Roy is an elder statesman of the world of conservation and his gentle but firm character shines through in his writing.  The book is not about what he has done, it is about his observations, ideas and what he thinks, thereby stimulating the reader to give thought to how better to look after the places and wildlife we cherish. 

Roy's clear message is; 'Never give up on trying to conserve and restore wildlife and wild places you cherish.  It is essential to try, and to succeed.  And remember, it's never 'if' but 'when' - and with climate chaos closing in, the time is now.'

I am really enjoying this book, and hope you will too - buy one for yourself and one for a friend!

The last word from Chris Packham:                                                                                                                                                                       “Roy is not just a brilliant conservationist but a superb naturalist too.  These beautiful essays are also positive and pragmatic about the future…absolutely joyous.” 


Roy Dennis in Cottongrass
Cottongrass Summer by Roy Dennis