Information in the time of Coronavirus

All Logie Steading businesses barring the Farm Shop are closed for the foreseeable future due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Currently Logie Farm & Garden Shop remains open 11am to 4pm daily at the moment, meaning that you can stock up on local food and produce. Delivery to your car or to the local area around Forres & Nairn (minimum order £25) can be arranged. Just ring 01309 611222 to arrange. We are working on producing a stock list and publishing it online so that it’s easier for people not to have to go into the shop to make choices but in the meantime please ring us and we will do our best to help and advise on what we can supply. 

Fishing on the River Findhorn is currently closed however the walks will not be closed, nor will the garden currently. Under the current advice we don’t envisage an influx of people but if local people want to use this space for their one allowance of daily exercise if they are living locally enough we don’t believe that would be wrong if they keep well apart from others – which should not be difficult here. Like everyone else, we’re just trying to make sense of the advice.

Steading businesses other than the Farm Shop may still be able to post items to you – Hellygog has some wonderful craft kits to keep children busy, for example, and the Whisky Shop usually offer nationwide delivery too.

Tez at Iolaire is open for business whilst he works from home. If you need to send him anything he’s collecting my mail weekly from Logie. He can still offer design work and photo editing/restoration services but printed output might take a little longer than normal.

Under this ‘Coronavirus Info’ menu you’ll also find some interesting ‘How Tos’ which might entertain you and your children too.

Do contact the individual businesses on the numbers below if you’d like to enquire further.

We’re here and ready to help in whatever way we can. Our hearts go out to everyone struggling in these difficult times and we thank you all for your support and the many kind messages we have received.

If you would like to contact us, our numbers are below:

Logie Estate Office 01309 611300 (the office is closed but the telephone and email still reach us)

Logie Farm and Garden Shop 01309 611222

Hellygog 01309 611799

Logie Whisky & Spirits Shop 01309 611348

Iolaire (design | edit | print) 07791 985809

Logie Steading Book Shop 01309 611373

Logie Timber / The Boardroom 01309 611769

Logie Steading Art Gallery 01309 611378

Giles Pearson Antique Restoration 07842 599376

The Olive Tree Cafe (currently closed) 01309 611733