Better Broadband in the Local Area

We are continuing to install a network to bring good broadband internet service to the local area. 

In 2019 we conducted a survey of local opinion, which revealed the restrictions caused by the poor service generally available here. With LogieNet we strive to improve this with line of sight technology to as many properties as possible.

A brief outline of the project:

  • A wireless link has been installed to the Logie windfarm, from there line-of-sight wireless links connect further properties.
  • The signal can be bounced on to other properties so even if you cannot see the windfarm it may still be possible to connect you.
  • A small receiver will be mounted on your building (normally in a similar way to the TV aerial) and from there a cable will be run into the building to a router which will provide the internet service.
  • Prices from £35 per month for Standard contract with up to 30Mbps download & 15Mbps upload. Premium contracts with increased speeds & support & prioritised traffic available. 
  • Our technical partner Highland Wireless Ltd provides support to LogieNet customers, as well as operating networks elsewhere.

Benefits of LogieNet Broadband

  • Speed around 10 times better than currently available via the copper network.
  • Unlike a service from one of the national suppliers who operate large networks, there is no contention from outside our area - our service is not affected when all the kids get home in Forres and Elgin! There will be changes in speed when our kids get home but, because of the lower number of people using the service, this has far less of an effect.
  • With higher speeds it is an option to drop your landline monthly fee and sign up to a cheaper VoIP service while keeping your local number.
  • Professional support from a local small IT business, Highland Wireless Ltd