Autumn Photography

by Tez Watson of Iolaire

Photography in the Autumn can be a challenge given the changeable weather and light conditions but modern cameras are capable of producing some great photos as the season advances and the leaves change colour. The gardens at Logie and the river walks including Randolph’s Leap offer locations to try out these situations. The fact that the sun is lower in the sky means that some interesting long shadows are cast by objects making for a different mood.

Tez autumn photography
Tez autumn photography woods

Even towns can offer some surprising opportunities with wet pavements and umbrellas making an appearance. Half the battle is seeing the composition and having the confidence to take the shots.

Almost all of my photography is now done using my mobile phone as it’s always in my pocket and instantly available to capture the fleeting moments that inspire me. Don’t hesitate just take the shot and look back later to recall the memories.

Tez Watson's Iolaire Photographic Gallery and Design, Edit, Print services at Logie Steading are open Friday - Sunday 11am to 4pm. You'll find him behind the bookshop. Apart from his own photography on display and for sale, Tez is a specialist in restoring old photographs. 

The scenery at Logie lends itself to photography in all seasons, but particularly in Autumn. Gary Murison leads periodic photography walks throughout the year, including one this Sunday