August: Jane Milloy in the Square Room

Jane Milloy Exhibition

New paintings and prints by

Jane Milloy

at the Art Gallery's

Square Room

July 31 - August 24



osprey by Jane Milloy
Puffins three by Jane Milloy
Hareline by Jane Milloy

Brought up on the west coast of Scotland and a graduate of Glasgow School Art, Jane now lives near Bennachie in the heart of Aberdeenshire. She finds inspiration for her wildlife artwork from the landscapes and wildlife of Scotland, producing detailed pencil and pen and ink drawings, acrylics, watercolour and pastel originals, limited edition prints and illustrations. She also lectures widely, tutors art classes and organises and leads painting days and weekend workshops.

Quite a number of years ago, she branched out into a new genre of stylized acrylic painting, which is a great foil for her detailed work. One of the gallery owners has christened it “Wildlife Expressionism”, and it stems from her fascination for the colour and movement which she observes in the natural world  producing stylised paintings, but still identifiable, not abstract, that brought the creatures alive and enveloped you in their world, by showing the motion and lives of the creatures when they are living in their natural environment, and also to show some of that environment too.

In recent years, she has produced specially commissioned, highly accurate illustrations for several wildlife and natural history books, including ”Raptors, a Field Guide to Survey and Monitoring”, a project for publishers Penguin in the UK and Crown in the US, producing 46 detailed pen and ink illustrations for Colin Tudge’s book “Consider the Birds” (“The Bird” in the US) and last year a selection of seabird illustrations for publisher Usborne’s book “Where the World Ends” which is based on a story of the fowlers on the St Kilda sea stacks.

A dedicated naturalist, Jane does a lot of sketching and observation “in the field”, and these form the basis for her paintings and illustrations - “every painting is something I have seen and experienced first hand”. An active member of the Scottish Raptor Study Group she is particularly involved with the monitoring and conservation of owls, a favourite subject.

'To me, drawing is like breathing - it's just something I do. As far back as I can remember, I have had two great passions in life – wildlife and the countryside and drawing and painting. Combining them gives me the greatest of pleasure. Observing birds, plants, animals and insects in their natural surroundings is a privilege and drawing and painting them is a way that I feel I can share my joy and appreciation with others. I am easy to please - give me a pair of binoculars or a sketchbook, or preferably both, and I am happy.'

 Exhibition runs from July 31 - August 24