15 – 17 July, Sauchie, Yairns and Timmer

An exhibition of creative work by three local artists

Will Hall
I am a furniture maker and designer. My work is influenced by the
philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement. Using native hardwoods to
make furniture, every board is hand selected to create each unique piece. I
work mainly to commission, but exhibiting at the Long Room gallery
gives me a great opportunity to showcase my work, made from local
Morayshire hardwoods.

Karen Collins
My joy is to take materials sustainably from nature and to transform these
resources into beautiful, sculptural pieces and useful products. As the
founder of Naturally Useful, I have spent the last 15 years devoting my
time to creating with willow. I am a passionate advocate of traditional
crafts and love to pass my skills forward to the next generation of makers.

Amy Neville
I use nature directly in my textile artwork. It is both the inspiration and the
real components used in my work. I hope to highlight the detail within and
preserve the beauty of each individual leaf or flower. I wish to encourage
people to take a closer look at leaves and flowers, to pique curiosity in the
humble natural resources surrounding us.

elm cabinet
botanical print